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Stewardship Resources
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These resources are practical tools that have been developed as samples of materials that you may wish to use in your parish to assist you with your Stewardship initiatives.

They have been provided in Word format so that you are able to change them to suit your specific parish context. We would welcome your feedback on these resources as well as any resources that you may develop that you are willing to share with other parishes who are embracing the Spirituality of Stewardship.

Sample Prayer Pledge Card - This three fold brochure may be used to affirm the prayer that people are already involved in and offer them additional opportunities for prayer. It provides a list of prayer intentions and allows space for parishioners to request prayers for their own intentions. It is suggested that each person completes two of these brochures. One is to be kept by the individual and one returned to the Stewardship Committee. The Stewardship Committee then collates the list of prayers being prayed and the intentions being sought and posts this information at the entrance of the church. As the prayers are answered it is important to note this on the public chart for all to celebrate!

Thank You Card for Stewardship of Prayer - This document contains four Thank you cards which can be adapted for your own parish. Printing these on card using your parish photocopier is an economical and effective means of recognising and thanking people. By sending one of these cards to those who have pledged to be part of the parish Stewardship of Prayer campaign you acknowledge and value their contribution and let them know that you have recorded their offer of prayers as well as their requests for prayer.

Sample Time and Talent Opportunities List – This is representative of the ministries and activities that may be available to parishioners in their parish and/or the wider community. It can be used as a basis for preparing a list specific to your own parish. You may wish to further develop this document to include people’s names and the amount of time per month that they are able to commit to the activities. In this way you affirm what stewardship of time and talent people are already engaged in and present them with additional options for ministry within the parish.

Hospitality & Welcome Ideas - This document gives you some tips on activities that you can employ to welcome parishioners and visitors to your parish as well as maintain an atmosphere of ongoing hospitality and welcome in your parish community.

Bulletin inserts on Hospitality & Welcome - This document contains some short educative bulletin inserts that can be used to raise the awareness of the importance of offering a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere for the whole parish community.

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